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Meet Our Team 

Leadership Team

Candace Hawke, Executive Director

Amanda Maynard, Finance Manager

Crystal Sutherland, Team Lead/Human Resource Clerk

Residential Program Team

Deborah Henderson, Program Support Worker

Raven Laforme, Intake/Caseworker

Indigenous Housing First Team

Roxanne Shebobman, Indigenous Housing First Case Manager

Sherry Stinson, Indigenous Housing First Case Manager

Charles Clark, Indigenous Housing First Case Manager

Indigenous Outreach Team

Nicole Bruyns, Indigenous Outreach Worker

Aleeza Dejong, Indigenous Intake/Coordinated Access Worker

Karen Sandy, Data Entry Specialist 

Staff Emails:  first initial, last

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Meet our Circle of Directors 

Governance Team

Patricia Mulcaster, Board Chair

Melissa Monague, Vice Chair

Laura Forget, Treasurer

Bernice Chevrier, Secretary

Meghan Cote, Director

Eva Brown, Director

April Dumont-Moreau, Director

Debra Waylen, Ex-Officio


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